Since 1994 the best Souvlaki in town


Since 1994 the best Souvlaki in town


From 1994 until today!

We are always here for you, offering the most delicious souvlaki

Through relentless effort, hard work, and determination, we have managed to earn your trust and become your top choice

We have been providing seamless, high-quality catering services to locals and visitors from all over the world since 1994
A rich and long-standing experience in the catering industry

We source the finest ingredients daily

We use only fresh, high-quality ingredients and meat, and our potatoes are fried in sunflower oil so that everyone can enjoy our dishes without guilt, either at our place or at yours.

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    Renewed space suitable for festive events
  • Delivery to your place
    Every day, from morning to late at night
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we offer seamless, high-quality catering services.
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